Thinking Together

Time Concepts in Computer Games

Thinking Together – Workshop
Part 1 of the project “Parallel Worlds”

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

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Time plays a major role in many computer games: it can be travelled, stopped and reversed, it carries us fast forward through an entire life or progresses only when the protagonist is moving in space. “Time Concepts in Computer Games” is a platform for participants aged 16 and above that collects, maps, tests and discusses different time concepts in the sheer endless world of computer games. The project in cooperation with the Game Science Center Berlin is the first in a series called Parallelwelten (Parallel Worlds), financed by Karl Schlecht Stiftung, and will be continued in the course of 2017 at Berliner Festspiele.

With Verena Caspari, Melanie Fritsch, Verena Nagel, Antonino Polizzi, Felipe-Jordi Rahn Bueno, Tomek Rudel, Simon Scharf

Funded by the Karl Schlecht Stiftung