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Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Giorgio de Chirico, “Doppio Sogno di Primavera”, 1915, oil on canvas

Giorgio de Chirico, “Doppio Sogno di Primavera”, 1915, oil on canvas

© The Museum of Modern Art New York

Past Dates

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Since August 2016, the Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest Amsterdam has been gradually touring all 28 EU countries. Its guest concerts are always opened by a youth orchestra from the respective country. In Germany, it will play the overtures to the Musikfest programme Side by Side with the German National Youth Orchestra.

Two topics determine the contrasting poles of this year’s festival programme: music by Monteverdi and his contemporaries, and the great symphonies from the turn of the nineteenth century. The leading orchestra from Amsterdam, a regular guest at the Musikfest, brings these two poles together. Wolfgang Rihm composed his orchestral piece “IN-SCHRIFT” for a performance in the San Marco Basilica in Venice, where Monteverdi reigned over the music scene from 1613 until his death. Rihm did not simply want to adopt the distribution of several choirs in the room – a signature of music at San Marco’s – but stipulated instead that “all spatial arrangements should be described in the music.” Wolfgang Schreiber characterised “IN-SCHRIFT” as a “poem of lyrical yet wild beauty with unfathomable depth” – symphonic music, whose origins lay in sacred music. Bruckner also took up a spiritual context for his unfinished Ninth Symphony. In its last complete, long slow movement, disaster and rapture come unusually close to each other. This is Christian spirituality in concentrated form, without words; the Day of Judgement and heavenly beauty are given an expression par excellence in musical, worldly language.

Wolfgang Rihm [1952]
IN-SCHRIFT for orchestra [1995]

Anton Bruckner [1824-1896]
Symphony No. 9 in D minor [1894, Cohrs 2000/2005]

The concert will start with a joint performance of the overture of the opera Euryanthe by Carl Maria von Weber by the instrumentalists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam and the Nationales Bundesjugendorchester Deutschland conducted by Daniele Gatti – a Side by Side project of the RCO Amsterdam as part of the “RCO meets Europe Concert Tour 2016–2018”
Coach of the instrumentalists of the Bundesjugendorchester: Axel Gerhardt

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin event

The Side by Side performance of the Euryanthe overture with the Bundesjugendorchester is supported by its executing organisation Deutscher Musikrat and the Stiftung Bundesjugendorchester.