Visiting Orchestras

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra - Zdenek Macal

Past Dates

Introduction with Gerhard Müller
at 19:00, Südfoyer (south foyer)

Long before Leoš Janáček conquered the world’s stages with his operas, Antonín Dvořák had liberated Czech music from the narrow confinement of the Czech national school, an opening that was brought about chiefly by the success of Dvořák’s major works for choir and orchestra. Also his interpretation of the traditional liturgical chant of the “Stabat Mater” – a version that shows a more pronounced tendency toward the operatic and symphonic rather than the oratorio – became an immediate international success.

The piece will be conducted by the chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonics, Zdenek Macal – now returned from a prolonged sojourn in the US – with a cast that promises an outstanding performance.

Concert Programme

Antonín Dvořák
Stabat Mater op. 58


Luba Orgonasova soprano
Dagmar Peckova alto
Jorma Silvasti tenor
Peter Mikulas bass

Prager Philharmonischer Chor
Jan Rozehnal choir director

Tschechische Philharmonie
Zdenek Macal conductor