The 10 Selected Productions

Der Biberpelz [The Beaver Coat]

By Gerhart Hauptmann

Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin

Der Biberpelz [The Beaver Coat]

Der Biberpelz. Ensemble

© Silke Winkler

  • 1h 20, without interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Without lying, cheating and stealing, no-one will get very far. But nobody is as expert in these core skills of illegality as Mother Wolffen. The protagonist of Hauptmann’s comedy is willing to exploit all forms of delinquency in order to guarantee the survival of herself and her brood. Herbert Fritsch directs these little people’s battle for survival in a manner far removed from social kitsch. Hauptmann’s characters become a chamber of horrors practicing the fundamentals of evil at breakneck speed. And Fritsch goes further to deconstruct both the author and the authority of the state in his play with anarchic fervour. This pacy and exaggerated evening is a declaration of war on naturalism and on authorities of all kinds. Herbert Fritsch and the Schwerin company bring out the worst in people. And the best. And they also present one of the funniest theatre performances of the year.

Ellinor Landmann


Directed by / Stage Design Herbert Fritsch
Costume Design Bettina Lauer
Dramaturgy Ralph Reichel

Jakob Kraze Von Wehrhahn
Klaus Bieligk Krüger
Marcel Rodriguez Silvero Doktor Fleischer
Rüdiger Daas Motes
Lucie Teisingerova Frau Motes
Brigitte Peters Frau Wolff
Stéphane Maeder Julius Wolff
Sonja Isemer Leontine
Isa Weiß Adelheid
Andreas Lembcke Wulkow
Johann Zürner Glasenapp
Özgür Platte Mitteldorf
A Child