The 10 Selected Productions

Don Carlos

A dramatic poem by Friedrich Schiller

Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Premiere 27 March 2010
Don Carlos

Don Carlos. Christine Hoppe, Christian Friedel

© David Baltzer

  • 3h 30, one interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Audience discussion Fri 13 May 23:00
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt

In ‘Don Carlos’ a father-son drama in the Spanish ruling house is crossed with at least one and a half stories of jealousy so that the personal inevitably becomes political. Every spark of love automatically means benefits or trouble for the state. All those involved in Roger Vontobel’s production take politics seriously but tend to use it as a substitute battleground for their own egos and amours. These Spanish grandees and their behaviour may not be simplistic but they are relatively transparent: status-conscious leaders who for all their sense of social responsibility remain chiefly concerned with their power, their influence and their women. Vontobel and Schiller use them to present a political and psychological portrait of the present: everyone talks about freedom, by which they each mean principally their own, which for this very reason is doomed to failure. Eventually the networks of interest in this circle of intrigue become so densely enmeshed that nobody can move. These active and confident individuals tie themselves in chains – an endgame of the egos.

Franz Wille


Directed by Roger Vontobel
Stage Design Magda Willi
Costume Design Dagmar Fabisch
Video and Music Immanuel Heidrich
Lighting Design Michael Gööck
Dramaturgy Robert Koall

Burghart Klaußner Philipp der II.
Sonja Beißwenger Elisabeth of Valois
Christian Friedel Don Carlos
Christine Hoppe Princess of Eboli
Matthias Reichwald Marquis of Posa
Thomas Eisen Duke of Alva
Christian Erdmann Domingo
Lore Stefanek The Grand Inquisitor of the Kingdom / A Page of the Queen
Emma Jantschew / Anna-Lena Kral Princess Royal Clara Eugenia
Hans Diemer, Matthias Günther, Marcus Horn, Uwe Krauß, Michael Kuhl, Steffen Liebscher, Andreas-Christoph Müller, Peter Schwill, Stefan Tietz Attendants