The 10 Selected Productions

Der Schimmelreiter (The Rider on the White Horse)

By Theodor Storm
Stage version by Susanne Meister
Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Due to an illness in the ensemble the performances of “Der Schimmelreiter” cannot take place.

Premiere Thalia Theater, Hamburg: 25 November 2016
Der Schimmelreiter

Der Schimmelreiter. Rafael Stachowiak, Sebastian Rudolph, Birte Schnoeink, Jens Harzer, Barbara Nüsse, Kristof Van Boven

© Krafft Angerer

  • 2h 50, one interval

Opening night party on 9 May with DJ Eli Pavel, following the performance
Public discussion on 10 May, following the performance

Twenty years before Max Weber’s epochal analysis of how the spirit of capitalism originated in Protestant ethics, Theodor Storm had already exemplified this development in the character of the pioneering dyke builder, Hauke Haien. In a maelstrom of social, superstitious and natural violence, Storm demonstrates that transitions between eras are rarely glittering success stories, but instead detachment processes entailing brutal consequences. Johan Simons’ dark and repetitive interpretation focuses on this incompatibility between two ideologies: The traditional security of permanently repeated life-cycles and the technical optimism of an entrepreneur who has liberated his personal ambition grind each other down like mental millstones, until the decelerator breaks the accelerator. With a cast of brilliant actors, Simons sketches a world with no touch or colour – a review of a time which, like our present days, was shaped by the conflict between those who profit from modernisation and those who lose.

Directed by Johan Simons
Stage Bettina Pommer
Costumes Teresa Vergho
Music Warre Simons
Lighting Paulus Vogt
Dramaturgy Susanne Meister

Hauke Haien Jens Harzer
Elke Birte Schnöink
Child Kristof Van Boven
Trien Jans Barbara Nüsse
Ole Peters Sebastian Rudolph
Carsten Rafael Stachowiak