The 10 Selected Productions


Based on the novel by Peter Richter
adapted for the stage by Claudia Bauer and Matthias Huber
Schauspiel Leipzig

Premiere Schauspiel Leipzig: 16 September 2016

89/90. Wenzel Banneyer (projection), Bettina Schmidt (front), Annett Sawallisch (lying), Anna Keil, Tilo Krügel, Denis Petković, Andreas Dyszewski

© Rolf Arnold

  • 3h 10, one interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Opening night party on 14 May with DJ Fog Puma, following the performance
Public discussion on 15 May, following the performance
With Claudia Bauer, Peter Richter and the actors of the ensemble

SAT 13 May 2017, 16:00
Public Viewing, Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz

SAT 20 May 2017, 20:15
3sat TV recording

The title of Peter Richter’s autobiographical novel “89/90” refers to the period of Germany’s reunification. Dealing with this great era of upheaval, it is told from the pop-literary point of view of a 16 year-old youth from Dresden, caught between high-spirited anarchy before and humiliating shopping binges after the fall of the wall. Director Claudia Bauer reverses these personal memories into their opposite and stages a reunification-oratorio, in which the subjective voice of the narrator repeatedly descends from the radio station of memories, joining the collective on stage and disappearing in it: In an ensemble of pudgy Pinocchio-puppets, in a school class drilled for socialism, in an amateur choir that intonates ironically celebratory songs from the German Democratic Republic, both pro- and anti-regime. At the same time, the production tells the story of a fundamental schism that persists up to our federal German present: At the crossing of right and left, you had a choice between authoritarian nationalism and self-responsible freedom. Bauer translates both choices into image and sound and thus helps to novel to attain a grand form.

Directed by Claudia Bauer
Stage Andreas Auerbach
Costumes Andreas Auerbach, Doreen Winkler
Composition and conducting Peer Baierlein
Choir direction Daniel Barke
Dramaturgy Matthias Huber
Lighting design Veit-Rüdiger Griess
Video Kai Schadeberg, Katharina Merten
Sound Ralf Ludwig, Udo Schulze

Anna Keil
Annett Sawallisch
Bettina Schmidt
Wenzel Banneyer
Andreas Dyszewski
Roman Kanonik
Tilo Krügel
Denis Petković

Daniel Barke (Leitung), Sophia Bicking, Annelie Echterhoff, Dirk Fehse, Kornelius Friz, Antje Herbst, Judith Hermann, Josefine Huff, Thomas Jahn, Berivan Kernich, Meta-Elisabeth Kuritz, Manuel Lauterbach, Ralf Lichtmann, Martin Lorenz, Jonas Lürig, Benjamin Mahns-Mardy, Johannes Martin, Teresa Martin, Katie Mc Cann, Hanno Petersen, Elena Rose, Jule Roßberg, Merle Scheiner, Helen Schneider, Henriette Schreiner, Martin Schulz, Raschid D. Sidgi, Michael Storr, Dominik Triebert, Thea Sophie Ulbricht, Juliane Urban, Leon Wienhold, Wolf-Georg Winkler, Josefine Helene Zimmermann, Debora Zitzmann

“89/90” by Peter Richter, © 2015 by Luchterhand Literaturverlag München, in the publshing group Random House