The 10 Selected Productions

Die Borderline Prozession (The Borderline Procession)

Ein Loop um das, was uns trennt (A loop on what divides us)
By Kay Voges, Dirk Baumann and Alexander Kerlin
Schauspiel Dortmund

World premiere Schauspiel Dortmund: 15 April 2016
Die Borderline Prozession

Die Borderline Prozession. Merle Wasmuth, Anja Kunzmann, Michael Wischniowski

© Marcel Schaar

  • 2h 45, two intervals

Past Dates

Work introduction at 19:30
Opening night party on 7 May, following the performance
Public discussion on 8 May, following the performance

A music, art, theatre and film installation: Totaltheater of philosophy. Kay Voges surveys today’s world as a raging, image-spewing machine and fathoms its effects on modern states of consciousness. Every spectator has a different insight into the monumental ten-roomed building complex, decked out in tasteful retro middle-class chic. They see atmospheric still lives, inspired by artists like Edward Hopper or Gregory Crewdson, and take their mental pick from the music medley and thunderstorm of quotations playing over it all. A procession of 23 performers circles them, carrying incense and singing as though to ward off the world spirits gone mad. Soon, the initially banal everyday life becomes a fortress against an increasingly escalating crisis that breaks through the cozy interior and the varnish of civilization. “Borderline Procession” is a reflection on the terror of simultaneous events, which we all ingest incessantly, like addicts, through the media. A meditation on the general confusion of the world.

Directed by Kay Voges
Stage Michael Sieberock-Serafimowitsch
Costumes Mona Ulrich
Director of Photography Voxi Bärenklau
Composition, live music T.D. Finck von Finckenstein
Video art, live editing Mario Simon
Live camera Jonas Schmieta
Dramaturgy Dirk Baumann, Alexander Kerlin
Live texting Alexander Kerlin
Live sampling Joscha Richard
Dolly grip Tobias Hoeft
Lighting Sibylle Stuck
Sound Jörn Michutta, Andreas Sülberg
Coding Lucas Pleß

Andreas Beck
Christian Freund
Ekkehard Freye
Frank Genser
Caroline Hanke
Christoph Jöde
Marlena Keil
Bettina Lieder
Eva Verena Müller
Uwe Rohbeck
Uwe Schmieder
Julia Schubert
Friederike Tiefenbacher
Merle Wasmuth
Raafat Daboul

Paulina Alpen
Amelie Barth
Carl Bruchhäuser
Thomas Kaschel
Nils Kretschmer
Anja Kunzmann
Lorenz Nolting
David Vormweg
Michael Wischniowski

Graduates of the Folkwang University of the Arts

The performance is funded by the Premier of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia supported by the innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft and the Wilo-Foundation.