Staged Reading

We Are the Ones Our Parents Warned Us About

By Tanja Šljivar (Bosnia-Herzegovina / Serbia)
English translation from the Serbo-Croatian by Cory Tamler and Željko Maksimović
Staged reading
Stückemarkt III

© Tanja Šljivar

  • 1h, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

Artist Talk with Petra Hůlová and Tanja Šljivar following the performance
Moderation: Armin Petras
In English

THU 11 May 2017, 18:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Politics of Monologue
Workshop with Tanja Šljivar
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the final image at the beginning changing meandering from scene to scene a river running backwards. the language narrow minimalist precise. female male. middle-aged young. what I liked most about the play … that it all really happens … like in a dream … changing so rapidly in every scene… as if it were a daydream… this is magical realism according to márquez, or maybe not, maybe rather according to kusturica and time of the gypsies or to Madonna in like a prayer: in the midnight hour, i can feel your power … these words hold great worldly wisdom, wisdom about man and woman, about their country. a love of life, a yearning for love, a painful tenderness.
Armin Petras

Scenic arrangement Johannes von Matuschka
Dramaturgy Nils Haarmann
Music Malte Beckenbach

With Malte Beckenbach, Ursina Lardi, Christian Wagner