Staged Reading

Adam und die Deutschen (Die Mühle)

By Tine Rahel Völcker (Germany)
Staged reading
Stückemarkt VI

© Tine Rahel Völcker

  • 1h, no interval

Past Dates

Artist Talk with Rainer Merkel, Bonn Park and Tine Rahel Völcker
following the performance of
“DAS KNURREN DER MILCHSTRASSE” (13.05., ca. 21:00)
Moderation: Felicia Zeller

FRI 12 May 2017, 13:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, understage
Für ein Theater der Unterbühne
Workshop with Tine Rahel Völcker and Annika Högner
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Adam, a Polish Jew, is looking for the Germans and finds them in the bars of the town at the German-Polish border where he lives with his misanthropic mother. She wants nothing to do with Germans. She has to remember the story of the Holocaust.
In conversation with the Germans who wake up in his place, nursing a hang-over, love-hungry Adam bends time and space. But instead of staying with him, Henriette will leave. And instead of emigrating with Rudi, Adam will stay.
In her clearly drawn characters, Tine Rahel Völcker describes what it means to be stuck: not only at this flat, but also in one’s own history, in social roles that one only partly fulfils, in dreams of emigrating and of staying, quite literally, on the borderline.
Felicia Zeller

Scenic arrangement Alice Buddeberg
Dramaturgy Nora Khuon, Johanna Vater

With Sven Fricke, Daniel Fries, Juliane Korén, Sina Martens