Immersion at Theatertreffen

EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound

By URLAND and CREW, Netherlands/Belgium
Motion capture 3D-performance
Immersion at Theatertreffen

EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound

EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound

© Jochem Jurgens

  • 1h 20, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

The Theatertreffen shows productions from the Berliner Festspiele’s new series Immersion.

1994. The year of the eruption of the World Wide Web. The promise. The point of no return. We are ON. We transcend to CYBERIA. Unbound. The time has come for us to seek new levels of reality. TUNE IN for the love story of Bridget and Deacon in virtual paradise. TURN ON the cyber-soap. BOOT UP. JACK IN. DROP OUT. EXPLORE.

“Explorer / Prometheus unbound”, which is currently touring the Netherlands with great success, is probably the first ever theatre production to use motion capture 3D-technology on stage. The piece was developed as part of a cooperation of the meta-modernist performance collective Urland (Rotterdam) and CREW – the organisation of virtual reality pioneer Eric Joris (Brussels). With CREW’s tools and knowledge of ‘immersive technology’, Urland dive into cyberspace. The actors’ physical movements are translated digitally and projected into a reconstructed world.

A fierce, vulnerable remix of classical tragedy, techno-performance and electronic art, which does not focus so much on technical perfection but rather on the restless search for the soul of technology.

Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Jimi Zoet, Eric Joris

Dramaturgy Florian Hellwig
Technology Koen Goossens (CREW), Jasper Kop (URLAND)
Technical support Denzo
Production leader Sarah Steeman (URLAND)

Trailer for “EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound”

Production URLAND, CREW, Theater Rotterdam
Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds 21, Beste Buren, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
In collaboration with BUDA Kunstencentrum, EDM (Expertisecentrum voor digitale media), Dreamspace (FP7 ICT samenwerkingsproject), Universiteit Hasselt – iMinds en Natural Point – Optitrack