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Past Dates

Never waste a crisis: When, if not now, is the time to shape the future we want to live in?! Director Anna de Carlo uses the mysterious appearance of so-called FutureLeaks to develop a new perspective together with students from the University of the Arts and residents of the AWO-Refugium at Kaiserdamm, and to change the future using the leaked information.

During the Theatertreffen, these FutureLeaks-experts will welcome all denizens of the present time to repair the future together at the Mondiale-tent.

Artistic Director Anna de Carlo
Assistant of the Artistic Director Juliane Buttkus
Production Manager Kathrin Müller
Theatre Education Leonie Ahmer, Bri Schröder
Film and translation Eva Stotz
Editing & motion design Caroline Heinrich
Visual design Magdalena Kovarik
Scenography Marcus Barros Cardoso
Sound effects Sandro Schapals

By and with
Ahmad Akidi, Mousa Alkam, Radwan Alsulaiman, Naim Alwattar, Ronald Berger, Ahmad Ebrahim, Saddam Gill, Yosri Hassanein, Zoya Anwer Mahfoud, Hadi Mohammed, Viola Piantek, Charlotte Sieglin

FutureLeaks - die Enthüllungsplattform zur Zurückeroberung unserer Zukunft

Cooperation with the Universtity of the Arts and Berlin Mondiale

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We like to thank the TU Berlin and the Wilmersdorf Mosque for their support.