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Hotel Paraiso

By Lutz Hübner

World Premiere 8 October 2004, ballhofeins

Hotel Paraiso

Hotel Paraiso. Susanne Jansen, Christian Erdmann, Martina Struppek, Sonja Beißwenger, Wolf List

© Matthias Horn

  • 2 h, without interval

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Fri 13 May 22:30 spiegelBAR

A German family go on holiday in a cheap hotel in the Algarve: Architect Günther (Wolf List) has missed out on the prime of life and holds his family responsible; Verena (Martina Struppek) is the brave housewife and mother at his side; their 18-year old daughter Kathi (Sonja Beißwenger) is plagued by both parents and herself. At first glance an entertaining comedy, “Hotel Paraiso” gradually reveals itself as a tragedy. Barbara Bürk’s original production succeeds in being both humorous and painful and this combination is its great strength. It has the remarkable effect that you go into the theatre expecting a little comedy and go out again feeling you have seen an evening of great theatre.

The “happiest days of the year” reveal one lie after another. The fragile façade is “painted in shrill colours with a heavy brush” by the director Barbara Bürk.(Hannoversche AZ)


Directed by Barbara Bürk
Stage Design Anke Grot
Costume Design Irène Favre de Lucascaz
Lighting Uwe Wegner
Dramaturgy Viola Hasselberg

Verena Neuwirth Martina Struppek
Günther Neuwirth Wolf List
Katharina Neuwirth Sonja Beißwenger
Dana Golobka Susanne Jansen
Jost Schuhmann Christian Erdmann
Pedro Edgar Leston
and the Portuguese dance group “Grupo Etnografico de Berlin”