The 10 Selected Productions

Kunst und Gemüse, A. Hipler

A Christoph Schlingensief Production
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

Premiere 17 November 2004
Kunst und Gemüse, A. Hipler

Kunst und Gemüse, A. Hipler

© David Baltzer / ZENIT

  • 1 h 30 min, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience
Thu 19 May 21:30 in the Sternfoyer

On a superficial level, “Kunst und Gemüse” is Schlingensief’s revenge on Wolfgang Wagner and the whole phenomenon of Bayreuth. At its heart, however, it is about nothing less than guilt and redemption, stasis and disintegration, life and death – all the themes of grand opera. The complexity with which its manifold context and forms are layered creates a rich and compelling range of associations which nevertheless still leaves space for disturbances and questions, cabbages and carrots – for the chaos of the world. With this piece of theatre as therapy for himself and others, Schlingensief finally reveals himself as the accomplished director he never wanted to be and the passionate truth-seeker and humanist he always was.


Stage Design Thekla von Mülheim
Costume Design Aino Laberenz
Video Monika Böttcher

Andrea Erdin
Horst Gelloneck
Kerstin Grassmann
Christian Roethrich
Reami Rosignoli
Katharina Schlothauer
Anna Warnecke
Karin Witt
Angela Jansen
Park Yung Min
Hosea Dzingirai