Limits of Knowing

Lundahl & Seitl

Unknown Cloud on Its Way to Berlin

Lundahl & Seitl: “Unknown Cloud”

Lundahl & Seitl: “Unknown Cloud”

© Joakim Olsson

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“Unknown Cloud on Its Way to Berlin” can only be experienced with the app “Unknown Cloud Caretaker”. Please download the app “Unknown Cloud Caretaker” on the day of the event.

Please be aware that the app “Unknown Cloud Caretaker” is in a state of development.
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 Download the App “Unknown Cloud Caretaker” here.

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The Team of Lundahl & Seitl has created an AI smartphone application called “Unknown Cloud Caretaker” to predict the next appearance of an electromagnetic cloud, which draws its own paths and we experience becoming a part of its diverse community of followers.

While the “Unknown Cloud” arrives in Berlin it will also appear live in India, Assam as well. A diverse community will be formed in those two different parts of the world to experience the “Unknown Cloud”.

Believe me when I say that the Cloud,
even if you cannot see it,
is able to interact with your thoughts,
to give you abilities you normally would not have.

(Text message)

In the geological époque Anthropocene, increased mobility, liquid identities, and personalized news have created a host of new anxieties. A concoction of uncertainty, distrust and lack of meaning is the plague of our information culture. With fragmenting worldviews, it has also become more difficult to collaborate in large groups, united by the powerful narratives, which have traditionally united us throughout history. Benedict Anderson famously described the nation as an “imagined community” – a social construction since “the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members, meet them, or even hear of them, yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion”. But nations have finite borders and nationalism, as a unifying force, always had its dark sides since it operates on exclusion. A radical re-imagination of communities is called for. Anderson argues that communities can be distinguished not by their relative authenticity, but instead “by the style in which they are imagined.”

Now, imagine a portal between your immediate environment and the life-worlds of distant strangers. What if a nomadic, potentially unlimited imagined community was somehow created where the connective tissue is a shared fictive reality of things we cannot perceive with our senses but all have in common? Something that is already here around us, but that we have no experience of, like the sensation of the rotation of the earth and the relative positions of celestial bodies in the solar system? If nationalism can arouse deep attachment, can a nomadic imagined community do so too? With modern day tech-alchemy it is possible to induce a feeling of being part of something greater and to charge human encounters with high emotional arousal in order to overcome differences in a dreamlike but yet “real” state. Welcome to the edge of the limits of rational knowledge, or what philosophers, since Aristotle, have variously called Agnoseology, the “theory of unknowability”.
Erika Tanos

To find out more about the Cloud: ask ”Caretaker” at

To optimize the App “Unknown Cloud Caretaker”, Lundahl & Seitl and their developers Nagoon would be happy to get your feedback on the experience of the “Unknown Cloud” and on any input in terms of the usage of the app. Please email to


By Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl
Curator Andrea Rostásy
“Caretaker” application for iOS & Android developed by Nagoon
Visual Design “Caretaker” Joakim Olsson
Drone Camera Work, Berlin Thomas Loos
Subtitles “Documentary Interviews with Witnesses” Bennet Togler
Anthropologist Erika Tanos (Curiosityshop)
Associate Researcher Ronald Jones (RCA, London)
Community Director Anna J Ljungmark (House of Real)
Website Development Troels Ljung (
Design Nandi Nobell
Co-Writer Alex Bäckström
Project Management Emma Ward
Dramaturgy Rachel Alexander
Project Assistant Julia Büki

Production: Berliner Festspiele / Immersion

The general development of “Unknown Cloud” is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, Kulturbryggan, Iaspis – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists, The Culture Foundation.

Thanks to DS Teron and Cloud Ambassadors in Karbi Anglong & Berlin and all contributing witnesses:
Klirni Terangpi, Aaron Teron, Jirleen Rongpipi, Sabin Rongpipi, Rimbi Rongpipi, Gautam Terang, RUPJILI LEKTHEPI, Sami-Seyed Alledawood, Lajos Büki, Aaron Ehlers, Ilona Marti, Aurelia Kraus, Axel Rühle, Tibor Rostásy, Paul Tengg, Andreas Wolfsteiner, Ulrike Wegner, Nicolas Zoric, Faysal, Hassan, Mehmet, Amna, Iman and Vjosa.