The 10 Selected Productions

Don Carlos, Infante of Spain

A dramatic poem by Friedrich Schiller
Burgtheater Wien

Premiere 30 April 2004
Don Carlos

Don Carlos

© Bernd Uhlig

  • 3 h 45 min, one interval

Andrea Breth proves once again that you can tackle classic texts with all the tools of psychological theatre. Designer Martin Zehetgruber has relocated the royal palace to a labyrinthine open-plan office with glass partitions – an image of the totalitarian, surveillance society in which “Don Carlos” is set. Sven-Eric Bechtolf plays King Philip as a power broker with a conscience: a cruel bureaucrat disgusted with himself and the whole world; an unhappy man who can trust no one, a fact that costs him his sleep and almost his sanity. This four hour production develops a surreal magnetism, making Schiller a purveyor of nightmares on a par with David Lynch.

“It is not the people who control the system. The system controls the people. There is only one way out: death.” (SZ)


Directed by Andrea Breth
Stage Design Martin Zehetgruber
Costume Design Françoise Clavel
Music Bert Wrede
Sound Design Alexander Nefzger
Lighting Design Alexander Koppelmann
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Wiens

Philip II. Sven Eric Bechtolf
Elizabeth of Valois Johanna Wokalek
Don Carlos Philipp Hauß
Alexander Farnese Patrick O. Beck
Infante Clara Eugenia Melissa Aichholzer / Helena Bauer-Mitterlehner / Gretchen Hering
Countess of Olivarez Kitty Speiser
Marquis of Mondecar Andrea Clausen
Princess of Eboli Christiane von Poelnitz
Countess Fuentes Blanka Modra
Marquis of Posa Denis Petkovic
Duke of Alba Nicholas Ofczarek
Cout of Lerma Bernd Birkhahn
Count of Feria Franz J. Csencsits
Duke of Medina Sidonia Nick Monu
Don Raimond of Taxis Wolfgang Gasser
Domingo Cornelius Obonya
The Great Inquisitor Elisabeth Orth
Page Daniel Jesch
and others