Kein Schöner Land

An evening with songs about ‘home’ by Franz Wittenbrink
Münchner Kammerspiele

Kein schöner Land

Kein Schöner Land

© Andreas Pohlmann

  • 1 h 40 min, without interval

Past Dates

Home is such an ancient word…

- shall I keep or throw it overboard? - says a line from an old German folk song. Also the characters in Franz Wittenbrink’s evening of songs query: what is home? Is it the place where you were born? Whose streets and places you know well? The place where your parents live, where you went to school, where everybody speaks the same language or dialect? Is it a place you will only remember once you’ve left? Or is it perhaps the place where you feel at home at any given moment? Home – a word burdened by German history? A word associated with things sentimental, historical, private and political.

The evening of songs will make us meet people who are in search of home, of identity and their own Germany. It is a quest accompanied by old and new songs that will lead us through regions of Germany and across the world, since home can mean people, places, traditions or in fact even music or language itself. “This multicultural search for home is simply too nice, too inspiringly pleasant to just leave and go home.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).


Conductor Franz Wittenbrink
Directed by Franz Wittenbrink, Stephanie Mohr
Stage Design Alfred Peter
Costume Design Kathi Maurer
Dramaturgy Marion Hirte
Lighting Design Björn Gerum

Jean-Pierre Cornu
Christian Friedel
Hannes Hellmann
Berivan Kaya
Annette Paulmann
Anneke Schwabe
Stephan Zinner

Piano Franz Wittenbrink, Stefan Schmid
Accordion, guitar, tuba etc. Peter Pichler
Double bass Tschinge Krenn
Percussion Dim Sclichter