Side-B, Kubid e.V., Neuss



© Max Brunnert

  • Duration 65 min

Past Dates

“KörperPoesie” is an intimate play in which the audience is given an impression of the private lives of the actors. They become witnesses of instances in which a person without defence mechanisms shows what affects him. The piece takes place in the rooms and the places of refuge of the acting protagonists. The performers have brought their most personal thoughts onto the stage by translating them into dance and poetry, always intent on emphasizing authenticity and beauty. The audience is expected to empathize and be captivated; by secrets that are revealed in front of them, in a time in which the true face is rarely shown. They are shown how exciting and beautiful something seemingly ordinary can be.

With Frederik Brumm, Amani El Sadek, Ivone Ferreira Batista, Ramin Haijat, Jean–Claude Kanga, Jennifer Kanga, Emilie Pesch, Justine Ritters

Artistic director, choreography, concept Yeliz Pazar (urbanes tanztheater kollektiv nutrospektif)
Text, concept, artistic assistance Frederik Brumm
Head of project Hamdi Berdid
Stage design Claudia Ehrentraut
Lighting Matthias Höhnen, Yeliz Pazar