Tanzlabor Theater Aachen



© Melanie Conrad-Franzen

  • Duration 50 min

Past Dates

Ten youths concentrate on urban retreats and interpersonal encounters: where is my favourite place? Which details remain hidden from others and only belong to ME? Which people do I encounter in this place – and most of all HOW?

Where do the boundaries between curiosity and being overbearingness blur? Between attraction and aversion? In a stage made of mobile projections, the young people show snapshots taken from their “here and now”: arrival, feeling like an outsider, tolerating each other, accepting each other – a common favourite spot where one could have met much earlier had one known that the other existed …

With Agit Ariduru, Sarah Hermanns, Miguel Klein Medina, Dana Lipka, Lara Liske, Natalia Medina, Amir Rezaei, Nathalie Tuzolana, Justus Wichert, Alina Wolff

Artistic director, choreography Yvonne Eibig
Head of project, dramaturgy Katrin Eickholt
Stage design, photography Chantal Rexhausen
Video Luca Fois
Lighting design Dirk Sarach-Craig
Costumes Elisabeth Gers
Make-up Maurice Luther
Support body percussion Harald Ingenhag
Musical support Kristof Mittelstaedt, Gadi Yosef
Assistants Charlotte Ungermann, Eileen Shea