Jos van Immerseel

plays Debussy

Past Dates

The concert with Jos van Immerseel, one of the pioneers of playing on historic pianos, offers the chance to experience landmarks of repertory in quite a new way. He has chosen a representative selection from Debussy’s mature piano works, at the centre of which is the first volume of Préludes.

These works will be played on the historic grand-pianos from the French piano-making dynasty Erard, whose instruments represented, until the middle of the last century, the first choice around the globe. In particular for the performance of Debussy’s tonally highly-differentiated music, the innate, intimate and multifarious tonal characteristics of the Erard grand leads us to expect something remarkable from this concert.

Grand piano de concert, Erard, 1886, Paris (N.61.717)
Piano demi-queue, Erard, 1897, Paris (N.76.619)

Concert Programme

Claude Debussy

Images (oubliées)

Hommage à Rameau
(Lent et grave; aus Images)

Children’s Corner

Prélude II (… Feuilles mortes)

Prélude XII (… Feux d’artifice)

Préludes, Livre I, 1909/10


Jos van Immerseel piano