Ceremonial Act

Joachim Sartorius / Peter Raue

Joachim Sartorius / Peter Raue

© Kai Bienert, private

Past Dates

Watch the renovated stage machinery and many other surprises.

Many things come together on this day: memories of 60 years of the Berliner Festspiele, of the history of the building – the former Freie Volksbühne – and the artistic directorship of Joachim Sartorius. Elements of a good party, providing the opportunity to celebrate, are the easy combination of the most diverse elements and a playful blend of expectation, humour and gravitas. The heart of the celebrations is made up of theatrical and musical scenes, speeches, congratulations – and a laudatio.


Works by James Tenney
Michael Weilacher Chau Gong

Works by Dieter Schnebel and György Ligeti
with musikFabrik

Laudatio by Thomas Kapielski
Addresses by Joachim Sartorius and Peter Raue
World premiere of a mini-drama by Moritz Rinke
New collages by and with Herta Müller

Photographs by Erika Rabau
The Theatergruppe am Goethe-Gymnasium Schwerin TAGGS
A cinematic happy anniversary and …