Enter the Stage!

Dance party for everyone

Lisa Bassenge

Lisa Bassenge

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As if touched by spirits, the stage of the festival venue transforms into a dance palace with a bar, crystal chandelier, glitterball and comfortable chairs – all that’s missing are telephones on the tables. The »Capital Dance Orchestra« in its original big band formation under the musical direction of violinist David Canisius resurrects the swing of the dance palaces of the ›Golden Twenties‹. However, they have long since moved on from pure swing and play a number of free variations with the singer Lisa Bassenge and brilliant entertainer Simon Marlow – syntheses of contemporary worlds of sound and rhythm with classic swing. This is a sound that gets your feet moving. A gesture, an irresistible invitation to all the guests to enter the stage and a state of abandon. One final surprise awaits the listeners …


Capital Dance Orchestra
Lisa Bassenge, Simon Marlow and surprise guests
Artistic Director David Canisius

With kind support of the Steinway Haus Berlin