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Terre Thaemlitz

Soulnessless – Terre Thaemlitz

Terre Thaemlitz “Soulnessless”, ep 2 Cover

Terre Thaemlitz “Soulnessless”, ep 2 Cover

© Terre Thaemlitz

18.03.2018, 21:00, Martin-Gropius-Bau
with Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles

Art Is Unavoidably Work. – Terre Thaemlitz

There are few who succeed in bringing together art, theory and politics so consistently and convincingly as the American transgender artist Terre Thaemlitz (*1968). Whether as a musician, multimedia producer, writer, DJ or label owner of Comatonse Recordings, Thaemlitz generates and operates within a highly sensitive and reflected space. The clarity of this space gives her music, videos and texts their specific profoundness and poetic force. Thaemlitz’s work critically combines themes of identity politics – including gender, sexuality, social class, language, ethnicity, and race – with an ongoing analysis of the socio-economic conditions under which most music is currently produced and marketed.

MaerzMusik presents the first full live-version of “Soulnessless”. The centrepiece of the project is the 30-hour piano composition “Canto V: Meditation On Wage Labor And The Death Of The Album”. The audience is invited to spend day and night and day with and inside the “World’s Longest Album in History”.

Terre Thaemlitz

Soulnessless in Five Cantos
World’s Longest Album in History,
World’s First Full-Length MP3 Album

Canto I: Rosary Novena For Gender Transitioning
Canto II: Traffic With The Devil
Canto III: Pink Sisters
Canto IV: Two Letters

Video installation

Canto V: Meditation On Wage Labor And The Death Of The Album
30-hours live performance for piano (2008) WP

An event of MaerzMusik 2018 with the support of Martin-Gropius-Bau