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Past Dates

Following Q&A with Terre Thaemlitz

zeitkratzer and Terre Thaemlitz (*1968) share a long history of collaboration. Starting from his most recent multimedia project “Deproduction”, the Japan-based American artist has now developed a new, full-length piece for the internationally renowned ensemble. In “Deproduction”, Thaemlitz investigates the power dynamics behind Western Humanist notions of family and shows structural relations between heteronormativity, familial abuse, domestic violence and institutionalised dominations. Unlike the initial work, however, “Deproduction (Live w/zeitkratzer)” foregoes video and text – an opportunity to get to know Terre Thaemlitz as an electro-acoustic composer in all his sensitivity for sound.

The evening ends on a completely different rhythmic and sound-energetic register, with the acclaimed live version of “multistability” by British electronic artist Mark Fell (*1966).

Terre Thaemlitz
Deproduction (Live w/zeitkratzer)
for ensemble and electronics (2017/18) WP

Part I: Names Have Been Changed
Part II: Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave)

Mark Fell
multistability live (microtemporal works)
for computer (2010)