Terre Thaemlitz


Ashley Fure

Ashley Fure

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Past Dates

Following Q & A with Terre Thaemlitz

From 19:30, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Side Stage
Second performance of the installation
November 22 1963

Ashley Fure’s (*1982) work explores the kinetic source of sound with all the technological and conceptual tools available to an extraordinary composer of her generation. Bringing focus to the vital behaviours of raw acoustic matter, her recent string quartet “Anima” is augmented by a set of mobile transducers. Like stethoscopes listening in on the secrets of the body, players move these transducers across the surface of their instruments, breathing animate sound as they move into these inanimate objects. This fascinating approach to the time-honoured genre of the string quartet is the second occasion within MaerzMusik 2018 to get to know the absorbing work of the American composer and intermediary artist.

Part two of this evening is dedicated to Terre Thaemlitz’ (*1968) multimedia project “Lovebomb” – a poetic deconstruction of the “love song” and analysis of love as a cultural mechanism which enables otherwise unacceptable acts of violence, as demonstrated by domestic violence, a terrorist's love for her cause and the West’s vengeful love of freedom.

Ashley Fure
for augmented string quartet (2016/17) GP

Wire & Wool
for cello and live electronics (2009) GP

Terre Thaemlitz
Lovebomb / Ai No Bakudan
Computer Music & Video (2004)

Welcome (Time Has Left Us) – Between Empathy And Sympathy Is Time (Apartheid) – SDII – SD – Lovebomb – Sintesi Musicale Del Linciaggio Futurista (Musical Synthesis Of Futurist Lynching) – Signal Jamming Propaganda (Just Another Fucking Love Song) – My Song Of Peace, Friendship And Solidarity – Anthropological Interventionism – Ai No Bakudan (Between Empathy And Sympathy Is Time) – Love Theme From Ai No Bakudan – Welcome (Reprise) – Main Theme From Lovebomb – Chng Yourlove (Bonus Track)

Sonar Quartett (“Anima”, “Wire & Wool”)

Terre Thaemlitz Computer (“Lovebomb”)