Symposium & Performances
Julius Eastman

Eastman Invocations II

Re-routing and Re-rooting the Organic Music of Julius Eastman: Complexifying Sound Genealogies.
A discussion on the roots and routes of the history of minimalism, and the necessity to deliberate on plural narratives and genealogies.

All the Almighty’s: In Praise of the Rituals
On the role of spirituality in minimalist traditions, and the exercising of rituals framed around sex, sexuality and gender discourses and practices.

Crossing Over – On the Poetics of Bridging
An intersectional focus on practices at the crossroad of different disciplines, with a reference to Eastman's crossing over into performance, vocals, painting, and writing.

Talks & performances by Christine Eyene, Sumanth Gopinat, Malak Helmy, Sofia Jernberg, George E. Lewis, Pungwe and others

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Julius Eastman, 1980

Julius Eastman, 1980

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“We Have Delivered Ourselves from the Tonal – Of, towards, on, for Julius Eastman” deliberates around concepts beyond the Western notions of the tonal and harmonic through an exhibition, performances, concerts and a symposium. The project looks at how Afro-American composer, musician and performer Julius Eastman and his eclectic artistic practices manifest within cultural, political and spiritual realms during his lifetime until today.

By commissioning new artistic works and texts, as well as engaging with oral history and theoretical discourse, the intention is to reflect and re-engage with the legacy of Eastman’s work together with musicians, visual artists, researchers and archivists. Exploring a non-linear genealogy of Eastman’s minimalist practice, the project situates his work within a broader field of relations of musical epistemologies and practices. The aim is to read Eastman’s work not only within its musical sensitivity, structure, and texture, but also to consider Eastman as a political being.

A project by SAVVY Contemporary and MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues.
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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