Experimental Reading & Listening Sessions
Thinking Together

Sounding Time. Listening to and away from the 21st century

Thinking Together – Experimental Reading & Listening Sessions

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

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“Sounding Time” provides an expansive forum for “Thinking Together’s” entangled temporalities particularly at play today: from the machinic, inhuman temporalities that operate at subliminal but affectively influential levels to the temporalities of late capitalism that pitch the traumatic rhythms of crisis against prolonged, inertial chronic conditions, to the fractured and multiple temporalities of diaspora and metastatic migration. A study of the modes by which times are produced and experientially processed will inevitably open onto the imagination of alternate temporalities – temporal(ly) autonomous zones – the signs of which are emergent everywhere. At the forefront of these insurgencies, sonic tactics proliferate. How might these varying conditions be acoustically probed and deflected through sonic means? How can acoustic experimentation open onto alternative forms of life and communal living?

The experimental reading and listening sessions of “Sounding Time” function on the premise that novel modalities are catalysed by strategic clashes between critical theory and emergent sonic thought, worlds brought together “kairotically” and provisionally into a mutant praxis with both analytic and interventional capacities, concretized through listening tactics and situated incursions into the fabric of everyday life. Over five intensive sessions, participants will convene to develop questions while immersed in a network of sonic theoretic concepts, provocative musical stimuli and sonic fragments culled from a variety of sources synchronous with the time of the festival.

“Sounding Time” is free of charge and open to artists, theorists, musicians, sononauts, academics and non-academics, and anyone for whom the possibilities of collective strategizing in an overheated time remain of inestimable value.

Experimental Reading and Listening Sessions with Marc Couroux & Lendl Barcelos