Parallelwelten 4 / Thinking Together

Gewalt und Zeitlichkeit in der digitalen Welt

Parallelwelten 4 / Thinking Together – Workshop

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

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We are continuously surrounded by violence, whether it is in our everyday lives or in our virtual spaces. Video games transform and stylise violence or even use it as a means for escape. What is the significance of duration, of the passing of time in this respect? “Parallel Worlds 4” is linked with specific events of MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues and explores the connections between time and temporalities in all aspects of the digital media.

“Parallel Worlds” is a programme by young people and for young people at Berliner Festspiele, which focuses on the world of the digital media. With a variety of formats, it will engage with the festivals MaerzMusik, Musikfest and Jazzfest in 2018 – each time in parallel to the contexts and periods of the respective events. Workshops and discursive formats will be developed with a peer group of young adults who will contribute their own topics and focal points for the target group (16+). The particular interest lies in a close cooperation with Berliner Festspiele’s existing programme lines.

Flyer Parallelwelten 4 (, 63 KB) (in German)

Idea & dramaturgy Verena Nagel
Peer group Antonino Polizzi, Felipe-Jordi Rahn Bueno, Tomek Rudel, Simon Scharf
Scientific advice Melanie Fritsch

Parallelwelten is a cooperation of Berliner Festspiele and Game Science Center and is funded by the Karl Schlecht Stiftung.