The 10 Selected Productions


Based on “The Trojan Women” by John von Düffel, based on Euripides (interlinear translation by Gregor Schreiner) and “Iphigeneia in Aulis” by Soeren Voima, based on Euripides
Schauspielhaus Zürich

Premiere 2 December 2017

BEUTE FRAUEN KRIEG. Christian Baumbach, Hilke Altefrohne (as Helen), Isabelle Menke (as Helen)

© Toni Suter / T+T Fotografie

  • 2h 45, one interval

Past Dates

Public discussion on 7 May, following the performance

Karin Henkel’s account of the Trojan War is told from the point of the women who have to suffer from it – without ever betraying the classical material’s mythological force. In intimate proximity, the wonderful performers portraying the watchful and determined characters of Cassandra, Helena and Andromache whisper their fates into our headphone-clad ears, all eager reinterpretation, cynical analysis and simple lament, laced with cool pathos. At the same time, a crafty Kate Strong questions: Who is actually in charge of writing history and how exactly is it that women allegedly collaborate in these catastrophes. There has rarely been such an unflinching demonstration of how mainly power-hungry men lecture us in fake-news-mode, tell us that there is no alternative to aggression and commit murder behind the smokescreen of political morality. Karin Henkel’s production is an intelligent rewriting of history, a feminist (in the best sense of the word) redistribution of the interpretational prerogative.

Directed by Karin Henkel
Stage Design Muriel Gerstner
Costume Design Teresa Vergho
Music Avild J. Baud
Lighting Design Michel Güntert
Dramaturgy Anna Heesen

Hecuby / Clytemnestra Lena Schwarz
Andromache / Iphigenia Carolin Conrad
Kassandra / Iphigenia Dagna Litzenberger Vinet
Helena / Iphigenia Hilke Altefrohne
Helena / Hetaira Kate Strong
Polyxena / Iphigenia Madita Keller
Helena / Iphigenia Isabelle Menke
Agamemnon Michael Neuenschwander
Menelaus Christian Baumbach
Pyrrhus / Achilles Milian Zerzawy
Odysseus Fritz Fenne

The performances are supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council, and the Embassy of Switzerland ind the Federal Republic of Germany.