Shifting Perspectives


By companhia brasileira de teatro (Curitiba)
Shifting Perspectives



© Tiago Lima

  • 1h 30, no interval
  • In Portuguese with German surtitles

Past Dates

“Never forget who and what you are and why!” is a pivotal sentence in “Preto” (Black). Based on the overarching question of the prospect of interpersonal dialogue and coexistence, Companhia Brasileira de Teatro examines the emergence of discriminatory behaviour in contemporary societies. The company combines the Brazilian point of view with a global perspective, philosophy with literature, music with anthropology and theatre with visual arts. The ideas formulated by Achille Mbembe in his pioneering work “Critique of Black Reason” on the history and consequences of slavery, serve as a point of departure for an examination of the impact and fallout of colonialism. The company operates within the context of current protests and demonstrations on the streets of Brazil and aims to provide vital political and global educational work. With great zest, the performance adopts and destroys stereotypes, using quotation and noncompliance to cast a doubly harsh light on the treacherous images embedded in our heads. The performance’s pivotal element is a critical self-interrogation by the protagonists on stage.

Directed by Marcio Abreu
Scenography Marcelo Alvarenga
Costumes Ticiana Passos
Lighting Design and Direction Assistance Nadja Naira
Soundtrack and Sound Effects Felipe Storino
Production Direction José Maria
Movement Direction Marcia Rubin
Video Bruna Lessa, Batman Zavarese
Dramaturgy Marcio Abreu, Nadja Naira, Grace Passô
Translation Niki Graça
Surtitles Nikoletta Fischer
Int. Management Plan B (Carmen Mehnert, Anna Bründl, Anne Schmidt)

With Rafael Lucas Bacelar, Cássia Damasceno, Nadja Naira, Grace Passô, Felipe Soares, Renata Sorrah
Music Felipe Storino

Preto (Trailer)

A companhia brasileira de teatro production. In co-production with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi Scène conventionnée pour la diversité linguistique and Sesc São Paulo. With the support of Petrobras.