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We like to thank the students of the IALT at Leipzig University for the translation at the event.

The western capitalist way of life is the cause of social injustice on all levels. Following the motto of this year’s Stückemarkt, “Divided Worlds”, we will explore alternative options of sharing this planet. And are we truly ready to cede our privilege? UNLEARNING 1st Class wants to know why pity is not enough and what price we have to pay for a just and fair coexistence.


“Together, They Should Actually Be Irresistible.”
A conversation between Frigga Haug (Esslingen/La Palma) and Kevin Rittberger (Berlin)
What is a “node of dominion”? What would it mean to challenge more than one such node at once? And when does this challenge become reactionary? For more than forty years, Marxist-feminist Frigga Haug has been developing a transforming perspective that views the concept of work from a completely different angle.

Divided world
A keynote speech by Signa Köstler (SIGNA, Copenhagen)
How can policies of identity have a positive impact on the cohesion and plurality of highly individualistic societies? The performance collective SIGNA may not have an answer, but they do have a clear aesthetic idea of an economy of empathy.

Solidarity = Suicide!?
A conversation in cooperation with the initiative “Die Offene Gesellschaft”
With Signa Köstler (SIGNA, Copenhagen), Mohamed Amjahid (Berlin), Paula Peters (Berlin)André Wilkens (Berlin) and authors of the Stückemarkt 2018
Moderatorin Katharina Kühn (Berlin)
René Pollesch’s claim that solidarity is tantamount to suicide reveals the helplessness of practises of solidarity in times of neoliberalism. We are obviously in need of a politics of empathy. But what are we truly ready to share – and what is there to gain for all of us? Experts and and audience debate within an open conversation format.

Final Discussion Stückemarkt
with award ceremony commission

UNL€ARNING White Noise
A lecture performance by Kevin Rittberger (Berlin) and Stefan Schneider (Dusseldorf)
The objection is: There’s too much white noise. The noise footprint is devastating. The white noise that lulls us all must be throttled. But that can often make the white man feel throttled to extinction. Well, at least there are two of us: A oneman-free zone, not an objection-free one.

Recording from 11.05.2018