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In times of political division and increasingly identitarian attribution, insecurities abound. The theatre wants to reflect and to blind, but how to do this without reproducing these insecurities? The tone is becoming harsh, both on stage and on the arts pages. How much morality can the moral institution tolerate and which aesthetics is it bringing forth? UNLEARNING Theatre thinks it is time to question the canon and to sort out responsibilities.


Stop that Romantic Staring!
A conversation on theatre, revolt and the art of responsibility
Mit Ersan Mondtag (Berlin), Susanne Kennedy (Berlin), Philipp Preuss (Berlin), Sasha Marianna Salzmann (Berlin)
Moderation Susanne Burkhardt (Berlin)
“Stop that romantic staring!” – What is left today of Brecht’s provoking slogan? His attack on the viewing habits and perception grids of bourgeois intellectuals screamed a political attitude into the world. In crisis-ridden times like these, Brecht’s question seems more urgent than ever: Do artists have a responsibility to explicitly take a stand on current social issues? And isn’t every attempt to break through the usual patterns of attribution doomed to failure in the face of a deadlocked aesthetic vocabulary? How far have we come in creating a revolt in aesthetics and an aesthetic of revolt? And: What would Brecht do?

Recording from 11.05.2018