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In times of political division and increasingly identitarian attribution, insecurities abound. The theatre wants to reflect and to blind, but how to do this without reproducing these insecurities? The tone is becoming harsh, both on stage and on the arts pages. How much morality can the moral institution tolerate and which aesthetics is it bringing forth? UNLEARNING Theatre thinks it is time to question the canon and to sort out responsibilities.


Anything Goes!?
A conversation on theatre, criticism and the art of free speech
With Thomas Edlinger (Vienna), Wolfgang Höbel (Munich), Peggy Piesche (Berlin), Sahar Rahimi (Munich/Berlin)
Moderation Matthias Dell (Berlin)
How does fair speech sound, what is sheer polemics and how will criticise the critics? Critical words often separates us from one another and shifts the focus towards the issue of the freedom of art and political correctness. Does the current culture of indignation and decreasing tolerance oblige us to censor our art and our language? As a critic’s festival, we want to talk about our talking – not until we have no questions left, but rather until we have an abundance of questions.

Recording from 18.05.2018