Thomas Proksch: LE_GO

20 to 25 Jun 2018

Part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

Thomas Proksch

Thomas Proksch

© the artist

“LE_GO” consists of building blocks and situations that deal with various states of being present. A compilation of virtual spaces, sculptures and avatars, shown apart or in combination, throughout the exhibition days. As part of this research, you will be guided to individually and collectively experience an immersive audiosonic journey in form of an experimental live DJ set. Deprived from the visual sense you will be well-treated. Surrounded by tender faerie wings that are here to gently sharpen your consciousness, and accompanied by a holistic soundtrack, you might experience other kinds of being present in an exhibition. This is an invitation to keep the rational gaze aside, to follow your own inner visions and virtual realities and le(t)go.