two-women-machine-show & Jonathan Bonnici: TRANS-

18 to 23 Jul 2018

Part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

two-women-machine-show & Jonathan Bonnici

two-women-machine-show & Jonathan Bonnici

© the artist

“TRANS-“ is a type of ceremonial construction in which, true to its form, there is both spectator and participant. It permits both collective and individual experiences of varying intensities that do not contradict each other. It is a space that allows us to responsibly investigate “immanent violence” – that is, the tyranny embedded in language itself.

By describing everything we see with the aim of explicit clarity, we expose not only everything in our surroundings but also our own inadequacies. Maybe we can find cracks in the language system from which a new sympathetic magic could emerge?

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