Hidden Agency ∞OS & Guests: Summer Camp and Open Space for Body-Based Practice

WED & THU, 16:00–19:00 & SAT, 11:00–14:00

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

∞OS & Guests: Hidden Agency

∞OS & Guests: Hidden Agency

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  • The Participation in all workshops as part of “Welt ohne Außen” is free (with exhibition ticket).

    The WoA permanent ticket allows multiple visits and participation in all workshops and live-works throughout the entire duration of the exhibition.


    Spontaneous attendance is possible and welcome.
    (Limited capacities, admission subject to availability.)

    More information upon registration

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∞OS is an open-source bodymind operating system based on modulating oscillatory wave-like dynamics in space, bodies, collectives, ideas and time. The methodology of ∞OS approach to learning is based on translating various theoretical frameworks into physical practice in order to learn through direct experience and to transfer knowledge between different domains. The collective body-based practice becomes a medium and a playground for experiential understanding of images, concepts and ideas.

Focusing on the experiential modes of the human body – body-based practice, somatosensory experience, and material manifestations of affect and its linguistic actualisations – we set up the “Hidden Agency” – a speculative hybrid entity between shadow organisation, summer training camp, and open space for physical experience.

“Hidden Agency” will become a place for exploring the abstract through physical exercise and corporeal experience, including the material/discursive intra-actions and studying the reciprocal connections between them.

Hidden Agency organised by Christin Bolte, Daniela Schmidtke, and Dmitry Paranyushkin, with individual sessions being led by alternate members and guests: Ana Gzirishvili, Björn Eichhorn, Christin Bolte, Daniela Schmidtke, Diego Agulló, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Koo Des, Leandro Uría, Maru Mushtrieva, Pedro Jardim, Verónica Mota and others.

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