Lea Kieffer & Rocio Marano: Tempest of the Ninja Void

25 Jun, 02 Jul, 12:00–14:00 & 29 Jul, 11:00–13:00

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

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    Spontaneous attendance is possible and welcome.
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Awaking inner narratives while sharing a physical connection, we ground into each other’s materiality while pulling the thread of our imagination. From soft to rough, slo-mo to high speed, navigating safely in a wide range of physical engagement. The Ninja Practice is a self-invented, rule-free, sense-filled and awkward practice that embeds physicality, imagination, and narration. The practice goes from hands-on work with the material of the body and remind us of our own survival skills. We combine intense physicality with somatic practices and partnering work.

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