Colin Self: Xhoir I: A Workshop Series & Xhoir II: Open Sessions

Open Sessions: 30 Jun, 07, 14, 21 Jul and 04 Aug 2018, 16:00 Workshops: 02, 09, 16, 23 & 30 Jul 2018, 18:00

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

Colin Self

Colin Self

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  • The Participation in all workshops as part of “Welt ohne Außen” is free (with exhibition ticket).

    The WoA permanent ticket allows multiple visits and participation in all workshops and live-works throughout the entire duration of the exhibition.

    Participation in the workshops requires preregistration:

    Spontaneous participation in the Open Sessions is possible and welcome.
    (Limited capacities, admission subject to availability.)

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Xhoir is a non-utilitarian vocal workshop led by Colin Self focused on alternative modalities of group singing. Rooted in somatic research and experimentation, the goal of Xhoir is to foster a generative environment for individuals to connect with voice and vocality on an individual and collective level. Xhoir is open to anyone interested in exploring their voice as a tool for learning or re-posturing a new relationship to singing and listening. Prior participation in choral or vocal practices is not required, but any prior experience with listening and engaging experimentally in a musical or studio practice is encouraged.

Xhoir I: A Workshop Series

A commitment-based registered weekly group practice in which participants meet as a group to develop an integrated practice of exploring group singing as a research-based practice. These weekly sessions will travel through a variety of focal points, emphasizing somatic relationships, cognitive resistance, and methods of non-authoritarian leadership. Integrating a series of guest instructors and speakers, these sessions will culminate toward a public performance at the end of the programme.
Registration required. Participants are also welcome to join the Open Sessions.

Xhoir II: Open Sessions

An open come-and-go process that is specifically addressed at participants who have pre-existing abandoned practices of singing (from religious, institutional, familial, educational backgrounds) and are given opportunities to re-encounter their relationship to group singing. This programme will be based less in theory and praxis-building, and more focused on creating an open and inviting environment for people to examine the means by which they initially stopped singing and find sustainable architecture to integrate the voice back into their lives through group and solo practices.
Walk-ins welcome.