just in f kennedy: Alive … & then Some

03 & 04 Aug 2018, 12:00 and 05 Aug 2018, 13:00

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

just in f kennedy

just in f kennedy

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“Alive ... & then Some” is a trance dance & analysis workshop facilitated by just in f kennedy featuring meditations and music arranged by visual artist Jeremy Shaw. In a pseudo-laboratory style, we will engage in physical, mental and research-based exercises and observations that attempt to incite as well as interpret various forms of trance. These exercises will include but are not limited to OSHO dynamic meditation, campfire songs, gospel chords, sacred helixing/whinin’, and skanking/two stepping. Encouraging dialogue between trance dancing/transcendental experience and their explanation/translation is at the core of the workshop. Through recollections, automatic response, screenings, readings and journaling, the workshop will engage in a discourse around analytical aspects of trance forms and the challenges faced with translating profound experiences. “Alive... & then Some” proposes an arena in which the engagement, affect and analysis of trance forms are treated with equitable rigour and regard.