Renée Coulombe: Sound Walk Immersion: Deep Listening in Berlin

17 June and 01, 08, 15, 22, 29 Jul and 05 Aug, 12:00 and 13:30

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

Renée Coulombe

Renée Coulombe

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The city around us as a concert hall: the workshop aims to immerse participants more fully and deeply into the natural and urban soundscapes all around us.

“Deep Listening” is the sound practice developed over a lifetime by composer, improviser, electronic music pioneer, and Professor of music, Pauline Oliveros. The practice challenges us to listen more often, more deeply, and with more intention in our lives – and to recognize when we are not listening so that we can listen even more. The practice includes bodywork to allow more receptivity to listening, sonic meditations to increase listening capacities, as well as listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, one’s own thoughts, our dreams – even to listen to the sounds of our own listening.

This workshop will introduce participants to some of the principles of Deep Listening and Sonic Meditation. We will do gentle movement and listening exercises to focus our awareness and awaken our senses. We will then take our awakened senses on a curated sound walk through Berlin – slowly and silently listening to the world around us, our own movements, thoughts and reactions – and listening intently to the signs of history and culture, as well as our fellow human beings, in the process. We will then explore our impressions, sensations and discoveries together and close with an interactive and creative sounding experiment together.

The workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to augment their artistic or creative practice through listening, those desiring to listen more intently to nature and the natural world, as well as anyone wanting to listen more intently to their inner and outer environments with a renewed focus and deepened perspective. Children over the age of 8 are welcome if they can embrace long stretches of silent listening and movement. Everyone is encouraged to dress for comfortable movement indoors and out. The walks are not designed to be strenuous – but slow and meditative.

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