Dmitry Paranyushkin: ∞OS Sessions

08 & 10 Jun, 04, 05 & 07 Jul 2018

Workshop as part of the exhibition “Welt ohne Außen”

Dmitry Paranyushkin

Dmitry Paranyushkin

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  • The Participation in all workshops as part of “Welt ohne Außen” is free (with exhibition ticket).

    The WoA permanent ticket allows multiple visits and participation in all workshops and live-works throughout the entire duration of the exhibition.


    Spontaneous attendance is possible and welcome.
    (Limited capacities, admission subject to availability.)

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The sessions are based on interactive physical exercises that will inform you about all the basic principles of ∞OS bodymind operating system and show you how you can apply them in practice, in work, and in everyday life.

We will use a combination of different approaches derived from a wide spectrum of fields ranging from physical practices to organizational frameworks. For example, we combine Systema martial art and Version Control practice from computer programming; Noguchi Taiso movement technique and Agile approach organizational framework; contemporary dance and network theory; improvisational theater and dynamical systems theory.

We focus on exercises that bring relaxation, efficiency, and unobstructed flow into one’s psyche and into the group dynamics. The exercises will help the participants implement those behavioral principles on the level of subconscious reflexes to be used in the context of physical interaction — and especially in situations of conflict. We will then demonstrate how those same principles can have a wider range of applications in different contexts, not only within the physical realm but also in everyday life interactions, work, and relationships.

Open to all and at any time, but those who want to experience the practice at its fullest should come on time.