FRI 21 Sep 2018, 20:00 | Opening 19:00

A dance theatre based on the radio play “Tower of Babel” by Robert Wilson
Perform[d]ance Jugendcompany, Stralsund


Tanztreffen der Jugend 2018. Babel

© Stefan Sauer

  • Duration 45 min

Past Dates

19:00 opening
with welcome words, presentation of the groups and music

The confusion of languages descends upon us like a thunderstorm and the skywards-reaching tower collapses in on itself. That is the beginning – but what happened before?

Wilson’s tangle of sounds and speech dictates the rhythm and course of encounters in this dance theatre production featuring young people and professional dancers. It escalates into driving choreographies and associative movement images, bringing to life the myth and different facets of Babylon: The city of bondage, the place where the tower was built, the city of sin, the metropolis of confused languages, the venue of the apocalypse … the epitome of history caught in a loop and the core of our humanity. Sinister, tender, powerful, reluctant and oscillating between cooperation and confrontation.

With Claas Früchtenicht, Jette Hielscher, Sahar Hussaini, Jakob Kartheus, Swantje Klotz, Emily Krüger, Lara-Sophie Meisel, Edna Moede, Jaroslava Musiyenko, Paula Ruffani, Rike Scherf, Dajana Voß

Choreography Stefan Hahn, Dajana Voß
Stage and Costume Design Annett Hunger
Lighting Design Luigi Kovacs
Sound Design Christian Malejka
Sound Mathias Berndt
Production Perform[d]ance e. V.