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Maciej Obara Quartet


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Maciej Obara Quartet

Maciej Obara Quartet

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Music of comet trains, sounds like falling shadows, oscillating, shimmering light, comforting uncertainty. Polish alto-saxophonist Maciej Obara and his fellow magicians – pianist Dominik Wania, bassist Ole Morten Vågan and drummer Gard Nissen – wander on the crests of night, stride through layers of darkness, catch gleaming pulses from nothing, padding along as if sleep-walking, landing on moonlit clearings and dancing with witches. The award-winning Polish-Norwegian quartet had a celebrated ECM-debut and have over six years of ample performing practise achieved a fascinating condensation of a fiercely lyrical sound quality alternating with rougher moods – in a sound-frame full of sublime internal tension, open eruptions and smouldering as well as flaming edges. Their Berlin debut is at Jazzfest – a musical indulgence, just the thing for the midnight hours.

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Maciej Obara alto saxophone
Dominik Wania piano
Ole Morten Vågan double bass
Gard Nilssen drums

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