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Kim Myhr / Mary Halvorson Octet / Bill Frisell

Mary Halvorson Octet, Kim Myhr, Bill Frisell

Mary Halvorson Octet, Kim Myhr, Bill Frisell

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Kim Myhr
Guitarist Kim Myhr is joined on stage by no less than three other guitarists and three percussionists. "You | me" is the most ambitious solo release so far by this Norwegian sound artist. His compositions revolve around a continuous pulse in which everything derives from a single musical idea. Myhr has created a slowly evolving, multi-layered sound cosmos which is so saturated with details that you feel as if you were completely immersed in it. At the same time, he preserves simplicity of form so that everything can be experienced as a continuous process. During his work in the studio, Myhr discovered "that one can gradually mutate lush and idyllic sound material into something more difficult and inaccessible, that opposites are always intertwined, that there is always a trace of one in the other". Part of this dialectic of opposites is that this pre-conceived large-scale work like this one will be performed in concert by experienced and skilled improvisational talents such as Tony Buck (The Necks), Ingar Zach (Dans Les Arbres), Hans Hulbækmo (Atomic) and David Stackenäs (Per Zanussi Ensemble). The result is a game of contrasts which is not just a statement on music but also an invitation to the audience to drift and let go.

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Mary Halvorson Octet
The appearance of the Mary Halvorson Octet is the greatly anticipated highlight of the New York guitarist’s residency at Jazzfest. Mary Halvorson is currently one of the most exceptional and prolific guitar players of her time. Her remarkable career includes two week-long residencies at the legendary New York jazz club Village Vanguard and the production of as many as 27 albums in the last three years.
Halvorson is a musician who has ceaselessly and continuously expanded and developed her art. In 2015, she recorded her first solo album “Meltframe” and began her collaboration with the pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, whose sound contrasts her own style and with whom she then turned her septet of excellent New York jazz musicians into an octet. At last year's New York Winter Jazzfest, the performance of her octet was indisputably one of the festival’s discoveries and highlights. Halvorson’s unique guitar sound is captivating, her music combines the unrestricted and confined, the even and uneven to form an unparalleled rhythmic-dynamic unit, equally enduring and inimitable. A lively and vibrant recreation of phrasing and arrangements can continually be detected in the group’s pieces. The concert in Berlin will be their first European appearance – eight extraordinary voices culminating in circles and squares of a compositional prism: Away with you!

"Away with you" by Mary Halvorson Octet on  Soundcloud
Album: "Away with you" by Mary Halvorson Octet on  Bandcamp
 Website of Mary Halvorson

Bill Frisell
It is difficult to believe that you have not come across the music of the American guitarist Bill Frisell (1951*) somewhere between Bonnie Raitt and John Zorn. After four decades of richly diverse musical expression and connections, his pure tonal sketches remain a quality and a pleasure in a league of its own. Is there anything that Bill Frisell, this gentle giant in music, has not yet achieved with his inexhaustible creative force? After last year’s poignant duo album with bassist Thomas Morgan, the door was open for a solo album – and in the care of Tucker Martine’s studio, Frisell created a variety and colourfulness of melodic strains, strangely focused outlines of a beauty beyond the familiar. In Berlin, Bill Frisell will launch a tour of solo concerts, where he invites his audience to join him in his intimate sound-sketches, emerging in the light of the moment: a summarizing and at once open conclusion to the 2018 Jazzfest Berlin.

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Mary Halvorson with Bill Frisell on  YouTube
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Kim Myhr (Norway/Australia)
You | me
German premiere
[Focus Europe]

Kim Myhr electric and acoustic guitars
David Stackenäs electric and acoustic guitars
Håvard Volden electric and acoustic guitars
Adrian Myhr guitars, bass
Ingar Zach percussion
Hans Hulbækmo drums, percussion
Tony Buck drums, percussion


Mary Halvorson Octet (USA)
Away with you
European premiere
[Mary Halvorson: Artist in Residence]

Mary Halvorson guitar
Susan Alcorn pedal steel guitar
Dave Ballou trumpet
Jon Irabagon alto saxophone
Ingrid Laubrock tenor saxophone
Jacob Garchik trombone
John Hébert bass
Tomas Fujiwara drums


Bill Frisell (USA)
Music is
German premiere

Bill Frisell guitar solo

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