Don’t want no prince, want a sword!

SAT 03 Nov 2018, 14:45


Past Dates

Things are in motion! Starting with the study of Deutscher Kulturrat “Frauen in Kultur und Medien” (Women in Culture and Media) in 2016, the question of gender balance has risen to the surface – and continues to stay there! In 2017 the international campaign Keychange was launched with the goal of a 50:50 gender balance for music festivals in 2022. Recently the majority of the Europe Jazz Network members supported the adoption of a new Manifesto on Gender Balance in Jazz and Creative Music. The Berklee College of Music founded the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice. And now in October the Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker presented a declaration for gender equality in jazz.

In the midst of all these developments, Jazzfest Berlin has been entrusted to its first female Artistic Director since the founding of the festival in 1964 and signed many of the above mentioned initiatives and declarations. In 2016 we already stirred up the discussion with our panel “The Glass Ceiling – Imagination or Reality?”, enquiring about the openness and permeability of the patriarchal jazz world for women and discussing its considerable deficits. Now, in 2018, we want to provide a meeting place for everyone interested in gender equality and more diversity. For that purpose, we are joining forces with Keychange, Europe Jazz Network and Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker to create the event “Don’t want no prince, want a sword!”, an open space for discussion and new ideas.

Find out more about the developments in the field of more gender balance in the arts and especially in jazz:

With Anna de Carlo, Friederike Darius, Gregor Hotz, Harald Kisiedu, Patrik Landolt, Katja Lucker, Harriet Moss, Andrea Rothaug, Tobias Schuster, Désirée J. Vach, Bastian Zimmermann, Stefano Zucchiatti and other guests

In collaboration with Keychange and Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker