Titicut Follies and Totem

Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau: The End

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Every month across three consecutive evenings, the film magazine Revolver will show at the Gropius Bau how cinema can be done, focusing on film history, new formats and genres. The first programme launches in September: Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau begins with The End. “We live in times of fever. Cramps shake the present. Violence breaks new ground. Something comes to an end. Something new is about to happen. But what?” write the curators Christoph Hochhäusler and Hannes Brühwiler. Together they have selected five films as a prelude to the series, which will be accompanied by a discussion with the audience.

TUE 25.9.2018
19:30 One-Eyed Jacks
Marlon Brando, USA 1961, restored version, 141 min., English, FSK 12
22:00 Discussion: Das Kino als Hellseher (discussion in German)
With: Anke Stelling, author and screen writer, Silvia Szymanski, author, film critic and musician and Christoph Hochhäusler, director and coeditor Revolver

WED 26.9.2018
19:30 Titicut Follies

Frederick Wiseman, USA 1967, 84 min., English, FSK 18
21:00 Totem
Jessica Krummacher, Germany 2011, 86 min, German, FSK 12

THU 27.9.2018
19:30 Inter-view
Jessica Hausner, Austria 1999, 35 mm copy, 48 min., German
20:30 Audition
Takeshi Miike, Japan 1999, 35 mm copy, 115 min., Japanese mit English subtitles, FSK 18

The films discuss in very different ways the limitations of freedom and society’s attempt to prevent any deviation from the norm - it is no coincidence that many of the films themselves were affected by this fate. They were banned (Titicut Follies), censored or mutilated (One-Eyed Jacks - we show the restored version) and tell tales of inflicting pain as a way to counteract obscene power (Audition), of the unspeakable horror of normality (Totem), of inhumane regimes implemented by the healthy over the sick (Titicut Follies), of the search for the question that violence is the answer to (Inter-view) and of the wind that sparks the embers of a guilty conscience (One-Eyed Jacks).