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History as a warm wet place

River delta in Island

River delta in Island

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White shiny ethereal traces are crossing a series of geometrical imbricated figures, which change into a smoky squid-ink-like substance, then into a swarm of birds, then into a big bold arrow pointing left. History is constantly shapeshifting. From afar, it looks cracking, sizzling, noisy like fireworks in the distance. History spreads very quickly, it's exponential and very soon covers everything. When asked if it is human related, it shows a small boat with eight oars, from above. The boat becomes a shoe, here is the leg, history looks like Harlequin, a patchwork-like heterogeneous figure. When asked if political history displays a very common but abstract black-versus-white situation. There is a conflict, the image of a trench, the ridge of a mountain or a sand dune, a page that tries hard to turn but cannot and stays suspended. It is full of symbols and sounds like conspiracy. When asked to sum up everything into one last image, history shows a dancing party with folk music (bagpipes) watched through the lens of a microscope by a 19th century scientist wearing moustaches.
Simon Ripoll-Hurier – Remote Viewing report on “History”


Catalina Insignares (CO) & Carolina Mendonça (BR)

As part of “Defragmentation – Curating Contemporary Music”
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