The 10 Selected Productions

Hotel Strindberg

By Simon Stone based on August Strindberg
German Translation from the English by Martin Thomas Pesl

Burgtheater, Vienna / Theater Basel

Premiere in Vienna 26 January 2018
Premiere in Basel 16 January 2019

Simon Stone puts his audience into the position of voyeurs, looking into the rooms of a hotel where his excellent actors transfer Strindberg’s cosmos into our times and translate it into a panorama of contemporary relationships.

Hotel Strindberg. Video trailer

© Burgtheater, Vienna / Theater Basel

  • 4 h 15 min, two intervals
  • In German with English surtitles

Past Dates

Public discussion on 5 May, following the performance

Director and author Simon Stone and his outstanding ensemble have turned the cosmos of August Strindberg into a hotel where men and women meet in grotesque, tragic and funny relationships on one single evening. Like the photographer in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, we, the audience, are voyeurs, collect clues, solve puzzles, are confronted with banalities, abysses and the most intimate secrets. It is the story of a society on a single evening, making us look deep into the darkest corners of the human heart.

Jury Statement

Simon Stone has taken on August Strindberg’s furious and yet deeply humane culture of conflict and the result is yet another classic piece of dramatic literature brought up to speed with our current times. “Hotel Strindberg” incorporates elements of a number of rarely considered plays and stories by the restless spirit of August Strindberg (among others “The Father”, “The Ghost Sonata”, “The Pelican” or “Creditors”) as well as events from the life of the dramatist himself – all woven into a kaleidoscope of Strindbergian moments for today. The audience watches simultaneous scenes in the rooms of a hotel, where relationships are at stake non-stop. The show unfolds like a long, rhythmic ballad, with the actors involved in the creation of the sound on a set-up. The conflicts become more and more surreal, characters start to dissolve into a delusional yarn, entirely lost to the world. A masterpiece of rewriting classic literature.


Directed by Simon Stone
Stage and Costume Design Alice Babidge
Lighting Design Michael Hofer
Music Bernhard Moshammer
Dramaturgy Klaus Missbach

Franziska Hackl, Barbara Horvath, Roland Koch, Caroline Peters, Max Rothbart, Aenne Schwarz, Michael Wächter, Martin Wuttke, Simon Zagermann

The performance in Berlin is supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.