Ersan Mondtag

Ersan Mondtag

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Award Ceremony

3sat Prize

Awarded to Ersan Montag as part of the Theatertreffen

Every year since 1997, 3sat has bestowed the 3sat Prize for an artistically innovative achievement to one or more artists from the circle of invited companies. In 2019, director Ersan Mondtag will be distinguished for his production “Das Internat”.

The jury comments: “Ersan Mondtag […] impressively sounds out the intermediate realm between theatre and visual art. He congenially combines directing, stage and costumes into an installation of fear, a diorama of oppression.”

In recent years, the 3sat Prize was awarded to Susanne Wolff, Dimiter Gotscheff, Sebastian Nübling, Katja Haß und Stephan Kimmig, Birgit Minichmayr, Annette Paulmann, Christoph Schlingensief, Nicolas Stemann, Sandra Hüller, Susanne Kennedy, Lina Beckmann, Herbert Fritsch, Milo Rau and Wiebke Puls.

The jury for the 2019 prize consists of Shirin Sojitrawalla (cultural editor and member of the Theatertreffen-jury), Wolfgang Horn (3sat editor) and Daniel Richter (head of dramaturgy of the Theatertreffen).


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