Staged Reading

Pussy Sludge

By Gracie Gardner (USA)

In “Pussy Sludge”, Gracie Gardner turns the patriarchal system upside down and does away with stereotypical gender constructions.

Gracie Gardner

Gracie Gardner

© Peter Bellamy

  • 1 h, without interval
  • In German with English extracts

Past Dates

“Pussy Sludge” sketches a dystopian setting with an eponymous main character who lives in the swamps of a national park and menstruates crude oil. In a number of absurd encounters, Pussy Sludge resists stereotypical gender constructions and socially predetermined life models. This text is more than just a feisty criticism of patriarchal systems. The description of a protagonist who, masturbating wildly, turns power structures upside down is an incredibly funny analysis of this year’s Stückemarkt-motto.

Staged Reading Elsa-Sophie Jach
Dramaturgy Theresa Schlesinger
Scenography Anne-Laure Jullian de la Fuente
Music Nadine Finsterbusch

Hilke Altefrohne, Maryam Abu Khaled, Max Krause, Julia Riedler, Elena Schmidt